Braille Transcription Order Form

Important Information

Handwritten materials will NOT be accepted.

If there is a syllabus associated with this request, please attach it to an email and send to along with this completed form. If NO syllabus is provided materials will be completed upon availability of the transcriber. Materials submitted with a syllabus have first priority.

Standard Textbook (New Transcription) may require more than one full calendar year. Volumes are sent as completed. (Average of one volume per month.)

Two print copies are required. One copy needs to be an original and any photocopied materials need to be bound with a binder or secure clips (no paper clips or rubber bands). Original print materials will be returned to TBVI.

Please contact staff immediately by phone 651-539-2310 or email with any CHANGES to the following request (i.e., client moved or no longer taking class, etc.).

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