Employment Outlook

Long-Term Occupation Projections
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SOC CodeOccupationEstimated Employment 2020Projected Employment 2030Percent Change 2020 - 2030Numeric Change 2020 - 20302020 - 2030 Labor Market Exit Openings*2020 - 2030 Occupational Transfer Openings*2020 - 2030 Total Openings**
291141Registered Nurses71,78276,5386.6%4,75619,78618,65943,201
* Labor Market Exit Openings are the projected number of workers leaving an occupation and exiting the labor market entirely (most labor force exits are related to workers retiring). Occupational transfers are the projected number of workers permanently leaving an occupation and transferring to a different occupation.
** Total Openings represent the sum of job openings from employment growth, labor force exits, and occupational transfers.