Occupational Employment Statistics


47-2073 Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators

Operate one or several types of power construction equipment, such as motor graders, bulldozers, scrapers, compressors, pumps, derricks, shovels, tractors, or front-end loaders to excavate, move, and grade earth, erect structures, or pour concrete or other hard surface pavement. May repair and maintain equipment in addition to other duties. Excludes “Crane and Tower Operators" (53-7021) and “Extraction Workers” (47-5000).

Geography Click link for Career Profile EmploymentEmp SE*Percentiles
Southeast Minnesota 790123$28.69/hr$19.14/hr$22.74/hr$28.63/hr$35.49/hr$39.49/hr

IndustryOES Employment (Statewide)OES Median Wage (Statewide)
Natural Resources and Mining440$28.98/hr
Trade, Transportation and UtilitiesN/A$34.86/hr
Professional and Business Services160$30.03/hr
Education and Health ServicesN/AN/A
Leisure and HospitalityN/AN/A
Other ServicesN/A$25.56/hr
Public Administration900$25.91/hr
Geography Click link for details EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Northwest Minnesota N/A$24.28/hr5.6%
La Crosse WI-MN MSA 190$34.53/hrN/A
Mankato-North Mankato MN MSA 210$25.77/hrN/A
Grand Forks ND-MN MSA 220$24.47/hrN/A
Northeast Balance of State 310$24.61/hrN/A
Rochester MN MSA 420$29.23/hrN/A
Southeast Balance of State 470$28.24/hrN/A
Fargo ND-MN MSA 640$26.09/hrN/A
Southwest Balance of State 660$26.08/hrN/A
St Cloud MN MSA 680$31.13/hrN/A
Duluth MN-WI MSA 740$30.40/hrN/A
Southwest Minnesota 780$26.48/hr6.6%
Southeast Minnesota 790$28.63/hr-6.7%
Northeast Minnesota 850$30.65/hr2.7%
Northwest Balance of State 1,030$24.29/hrN/A
Central Minnesota 2,010$31.23/hr23.3%
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN 4,850$35.96/hr10.6%
Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI MSA 5,760$35.55/hrN/A
Minnesota 10,240$33.03/hr8.9%

Occupations Click link for details EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Crane and Tower Operators 460$26.04/hr12.6%
Paving, Surfacing, and Tamping Equipment Operators 840$28.91/hr5.1%
Pile Driver Operators 70$35.00/hrN/A
Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators 300$26.79/hr-13.6%
Dredge Operators 90$35.34/hrN/A
Hoist and Winch Operators 110$44.97/hr-1.6%
Continuous Mining Machine Operators 50$21.52/hrN/A
Welding, Soldering, and Brazing Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders 1,180$22.18/hr-7.6%

  • Keep records of material or equipment usage or problems encountered.
  • Check fuel supplies at sites to ensure adequate availability.
  • Monitor operations to ensure that health and safety standards are met.
  • Learn and follow safety regulations.
  • Start engines, move throttles, switches, or levers, or depress pedals to operate machines, such as bulldozers, trench excavators, road graders, or backhoes.
  • Learn and follow safety regulations.
  • Adjust handwheels and depress pedals to control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, or swing booms.
  • Load and move dirt, rocks, equipment, or other materials, using trucks, crawler tractors, power cranes, shovels, graders, or related equipment.
  • Take actions to avoid potential hazards or obstructions, such as utility lines, other equipment, other workers, or falling objects.
  • Coordinate machine actions with other activities, positioning or moving loads in response to hand or audio signals from crew members.