Occupational Employment Statistics


39-9031 Fitness Trainers and Aerobics Instructors

Instruct or coach groups or individuals in exercise activities. Demonstrate techniques and form, observe participants, and explain to them corrective measures necessary to improve their skills. Excludes teachers classified in 25-0000 Education, Training, and Library Occupations. Excludes “Coaches and Scouts” (27-2022) and "Athletic Trainers" (29-9091).

Geography EmploymentEmp SE*Percentiles
Northwest Minnesota 41055$15.48/hr$11.01/hr$12.14/hr$14.69/hr$17.81/hr$21.77/hr

IndustryOES Employment (Statewide)OES Median Wage (Statewide)
Financial ActivitiesN/AN/A
Professional and Business Services20$23.95/hr
Education and Health Services960$19.61/hr
Leisure and Hospitality4,090$20.41/hr
Other Services1,020$17.97/hr
Public Administration390$22.75/hr
Geography EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Northeast Balance of State N/AN/AN/A
St Cloud MN MSA 110$21.34/hrN/A
Southwest Balance of State 110$14.06/hrN/A
Mankato-North Mankato MN MSA 120$16.76/hrN/A
La Crosse WI-MN MSA 180$17.58/hrN/A
Northeast Minnesota 200$18.57/hr-0.7%
Southwest Minnesota 230$16.42/hr-5.5%
Duluth MN-WI MSA 230$17.19/hrN/A
Rochester MN MSA 230$18.61/hrN/A
Grand Forks ND-MN MSA 240$12.04/hrN/A
Northwest Balance of State 260$14.42/hrN/A
Central Minnesota 360$19.68/hr4.7%
Southeast Balance of State 360$15.28/hrN/A
Fargo ND-MN MSA 380$16.47/hrN/A
Northwest Minnesota 410$14.69/hr1.0%
Southeast Minnesota 550$15.91/hr-1.8%
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN 4,710$21.08/hr9.6%
Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI MSA 5,140$20.81/hrN/A
Minnesota 6,490$20.03/hr5.5%

Occupations EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Massage Therapists 2,180$24.72/hr22.6%
Physical Therapist Assistants 1,590$27.50/hr18.6%
Occupational Therapy Aides 40$17.14/hrN/A

  • Provide students with information and resources regarding nutrition, weight control, and lifestyle issues.
  • Conduct therapeutic, recreational, or athletic activities.
  • Teach and demonstrate use of gymnastic and training equipment, such as trampolines and weights.
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations governing sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment.
  • Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations governing sports, recreational activities, and the use of exercise equipment.
  • Maintain fitness equipment.
  • Plan routines, choose appropriate music, and choose different movements for each set of muscles, depending on participants' capabilities and limitations.
  • Teach proper breathing techniques used during physical exertion.
  • Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of fitness.
  • Instruct participants in maintaining exertion levels to maximize benefits from exercise routines.