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Occupational Employment Statistics


29-1141 Registered Nurses

Assess patient health problems and needs, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. Administer nursing care to ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled patients. May advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or provide case management. Licensing or registration required. Includes Clinical Nurse Specialists. Excludes “Nurse Anesthetists” (29-1151), “Nurse Midwives” (29-1161), and “Nurse Practitioners” (29-1171).

Geography Click link for Career Profile EmploymentEmp SE*Percentiles
Southeast Minnesota 8,530423$44.34/hr$34.75/hr$40.42/hr$41.68/hr$48.98/hr$52.38/hr

IndustryOES Employment (Statewide)OES Median Wage (Statewide)
Trade, Transportation and Utilities230$36.86/hr
Financial Activities1,090$40.22/hr
Professional and Business Services1,770$40.85/hr
Education and Health Services57,000$41.95/hr
Leisure and HospitalityN/AN/A
Other Services120$40.70/hr
Public Administration3,560$47.52/hr
Geography Click link for details EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2020-2030
Northeast Balance of State 800$40.75/hrN/A
Mankato-North Mankato MN MSA 1,220$38.80/hrN/A
Grand Forks ND-MN MSA 1,350$35.85/hrN/A
Southeast Balance of State 2,290$40.08/hrN/A
Southwest Balance of State 2,390$39.20/hrN/A
La Crosse WI-MN MSA 2,510$40.30/hrN/A
St Cloud MN MSA 2,800$42.79/hrN/A
Southwest Minnesota 3,180$38.80/hr5.1%
Northwest Balance of State 4,090$39.17/hrN/A
Duluth MN-WI MSA 4,130$37.93/hrN/A
Northwest Minnesota 4,500$39.02/hr5.5%
Northeast Minnesota 4,530$37.92/hr6.5%
Fargo ND-MN MSA 4,870$37.80/hrN/A
Central Minnesota 5,920$41.68/hr5.9%
Rochester MN MSA 6,760$41.68/hrN/A
Southeast Minnesota 8,530$41.68/hr6.7%
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN 36,850$43.82/hr7.1%
Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI MSA 39,540$43.41/hrN/A
Minnesota 63,800$41.96/hr6.6%

Occupations Click link for details EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change -
Genetic Counselors 160$44.07/hrN/A
Healthcare Diagnosing or Treating Practitioners, All Other 530$51.65/hrN/A
Psychiatrists 450>$100/hr13.2%
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers 2,690$32.31/hr7.6%

  • Identify patients' age-specific needs and alter care plans as necessary to meet those needs.
  • Evaluate patients' vital signs or laboratory data to determine emergency intervention needs.
  • Monitor patients for changes in status and indications of conditions such as sepsis or shock and institute appropriate interventions.
  • Identify patients at risk of complications due to nutritional status.
  • Assess patients' pain levels or sedation requirements.
  • Conduct pulmonary assessments to identify abnormal respiratory patterns or breathing sounds that indicate problems.
  • Assess family adaptation levels and coping skills to determine whether intervention is needed.
  • Compile and analyze data obtained from monitoring or diagnostic tests.
  • Monitor patients' fluid intake and output to detect emerging problems, such as fluid and electrolyte imbalances.
  • Collect specimens for laboratory tests.