Occupational Employment Statistics


25-9041 Teacher Assistants

Perform duties that are instructional in nature or deliver direct services to students or parents. Serve in a position for which a teacher has ultimate responsibility for the design and implementation of educational programs and services. Excludes “Graduate Teaching Assistants” (25-1191).

Geography EmploymentEmp SE*Percentiles
Northwest Minnesota 7,050484$31,049.35/yr$22,652.66/yr$26,758.93/yr$30,528.44/yr$35,809.82/yr$39,407.38/yr

IndustryOES Employment (Statewide)OES Median Wage (Statewide)
Professional and Business Services920N/A
Education and Health Services33,320N/A
Leisure and HospitalityN/AN/A
Other Services250N/A
Public Administration310N/A
Geography EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Mankato-North Mankato MN MSA 640$28,629.95/yrN/A
Grand Forks ND-MN MSA 760$30,278.15/yrN/A
La Crosse WI-MN MSA 800$29,291.26/yrN/A
Northeast Balance of State 1,000$33,666.13/yrN/A
St Cloud MN MSA 1,100$31,529.57/yrN/A
Rochester MN MSA 1,200$31,844.97/yrN/A
Fargo ND-MN MSA 1,350$33,421.95/yrN/A
Duluth MN-WI MSA 1,510$29,718.58/yrN/A
Northeast Minnesota 1,840$31,632.33/yr0.9%
Southwest Balance of State 2,340$29,169.17/yrN/A
Southeast Balance of State 2,440$31,946.71/yrN/A
Southwest Minnesota 3,180$28,682.85/yr1.3%
Southeast Minnesota 3,210$32,094.23/yr3.7%
Northwest Balance of State 3,550$30,613.90/yrN/A
Central Minnesota 5,680$30,937.44/yr5.1%
Northwest Minnesota 7,050$30,528.44/yr1.6%
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN 17,840$33,719.04/yr10.2%
Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI MSA 21,340$32,882.73/yrN/A
Minnesota 34,800$31,920.25/yr6.7%

Occupations EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education 8,180$16.73/hr14.9%
Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education 22,940$62,904.49/yr4.6%
Library Assistants, Clerical 1,970$16.42/hr7.6%
Child Care Workers 11,830$11.98/hr8.5%
Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education 3,440$59,150.24/yr4.5%
Adult Literacy, Remedial Education, and GED Teachers and Instructors 910$27.78/hr-8.5%
Special Education Teachers, Kindergarten and Eleme 4,600$61,845.37/yr4.7%

  • Clean classrooms.
  • Discuss assigned duties with classroom teachers to coordinate instructional efforts.
  • Enforce administration policies and rules governing students.
  • Present subject matter to students under the direction and guidance of teachers, using lectures, discussions, or supervised role-playing methods.
  • Instruct and monitor students in the use and care of equipment and materials to prevent injuries and damage.
  • Organize and supervise games and other recreational activities to promote physical, mental, and social development.
  • Teach social skills to students.
  • Distribute teaching materials, such as textbooks, workbooks, papers, and pencils to students.
  • Supervise students in classrooms, halls, cafeterias, school yards, and gymnasiums, or on field trips.
  • Distribute tests and homework assignments and collect them when they are completed.