Occupational Employment Statistics


13-2011 Accountants and Auditors

Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements, give advice, or audit and evaluate statements prepared by others. Install or advise on systems of recording costs or other financial and budgetary data. Excludes “Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents” (13-2081).

Geography EmploymentEmp SE*Percentiles
Northwest Minnesota 1,260206$28.99/hr$19.60/hr$23.00/hr$28.03/hr$34.28/hr$40.54/hr

IndustryOES Employment (Statewide)OES Median Wage (Statewide)
Natural Resources and Mining40$32.90/hr
Trade, Transportation and Utilities1,780$33.66/hr
Financial Activities3,650$33.63/hr
Professional and Business Services10,550$31.85/hr
Education and Health Services1,530$30.10/hr
Leisure and Hospitality420$27.80/hr
Other Services300$32.27/hr
Public Administration1,380$33.25/hr
Geography EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Northeast Balance of State 160$27.71/hrN/A
Grand Forks ND-MN MSA 300$30.13/hrN/A
Mankato-North Mankato MN MSA 310$30.57/hrN/A
Rochester MN MSA 410$29.94/hrN/A
La Crosse WI-MN MSA 510$29.50/hrN/A
St Cloud MN MSA 540$31.91/hrN/A
Southwest Balance of State 720$27.81/hrN/A
Southeast Balance of State 810$29.55/hrN/A
Duluth MN-WI MSA 830$29.96/hrN/A
Northeast Minnesota 840$29.69/hr7.9%
Southwest Minnesota 930$29.65/hr12.3%
Northwest Balance of State 960$28.02/hrN/A
Southeast Minnesota 1,030$29.78/hr9.0%
Fargo ND-MN MSA 1,170$30.54/hrN/A
Northwest Minnesota 1,260$28.03/hr9.7%
Central Minnesota 1,560$30.86/hr18.8%
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN 17,240$33.47/hr7.7%
Minneapolis-St Paul-Bloomington MN-WI MSA 18,240$33.42/hrN/A
Minnesota 22,960$32.46/hr9.4%

Occupations EmploymentMedian WageProjections
% Change 2016-2026
Budget Analysts 500$37.44/hr7.3%
Financial Examiners 1,720$41.79/hr7.0%
Financial Managers 15,610$59.40/hr16.8%
Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents 9,470$39.36/hr4.0%
Loan Interviewers and Clerks 5,530$20.02/hr6.3%
Credit Analysts 2,300$36.22/hr6.5%
Tax Examiners, Collectors, and Revenue Agents 1,080$29.99/hr2.6%
Actuaries 520$49.50/hr21.2%
Financial Specialists, All Other 3,320$32.08/hr8.9%
Financial Analysts 6,320$42.12/hr9.7%

  • Analyze business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice.
  • Review accounts for discrepancies and reconcile differences.
  • Prepare, examine, or analyze accounting records, financial statements, or other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.
  • Supervise auditing of establishments, and determine scope of investigation required.
  • Establish tables of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts.
  • Examine and evaluate financial and information systems, recommending controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity.
  • Collect and analyze data to detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
  • Review data about material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital stock, surplus, income, and expenditures.
  • Review data about material assets, net worth, liabilities, capital stock, surplus, income, and expenditures.
  • Examine records and interview workers to ensure recording of transactions and compliance with laws and regulations.